Firefox Portable

Firefox Portable 13.0

Firefox for people on the go


  • Identical to standard Firefox
  • Leaves no trace on the computer used one removed


  • Start-up can be a little slow

Very good

Firefox Portable is, obviously enough, a portable version of Mozilla's popular browser.

As well as insurance for times when you find yourself in need of the internet but without a browser, there are plenty of other occasions on which you might chose to use this portable tool, like if you are using someone else’s computer, or are very short on space.

As Firefox Portable saves your bookmarks and folders, it's perfect for work or study when you are on the move. No need to try to remember where that great research site is because you bookmarked it at home - all the information you need is saved in the Firefox Portable file, ready to use no matter where you are.

There’s no great mystery to using Firefox Portable. You install it wherever - maybe on a flash drive or USB key for portability - open the file and use it like you would your normal Firefox. You can browse, bookmark and do anything you would normally, but the great advantage is that when you want to go, just take the Firefox Portable file with you and you'll have all your saved information, but no trace of your presence on the computer you've been using.

Firefox Portable - perfect portability for a perfect browser.

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Firefox Portable


Firefox Portable 13.0

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